Update June 22nd, 2020

Griffintown has always been important to the Irish Community. From Thomas McCord to Mary Griffin on down through history Griffintown was known as an Irish neighbourhood with its important symbols, buildings, its residents, and history.

The United Irish Societies of Montreal has its origins in Griffintown and St. Ann’s Church. The UIS has always been sensitive to the recognition of Griffintown as an Irish neighbourhood and continues to be sensitive to this recognition as its ongoing gentrification continues. In January, the Irish community met with Valerie Plante to express their displeasure with her recommendation of naming the future REM station to honour the late Premier Bernard Landry.

Today (June 22nd, 2020) the Irish community met once again with the Mayor of Montreal to hear that the name of the REM Station that borders Griffintown to now be named “GriffinTown – Bernard Landry”. This decision was not taken well and was opposed by all Irish communities with great displeasure and was voiced during this call with Mme Plante.

We wanted all of our membership to understand our stance on the matter and we will continue to oppose this decision until the Griffintown station and area are given the recognition it deserves without sharing it with a past Premier of Quebec.

That being said, as a group we must remember that the City of Montreal is a great supporter when it comes to our parade and we want to ensure that we as the United Irish Societies of Montreal remain in good standings with the city so please keep in mind that if you wish to voice your opinion on this matter please feel free to do so but as an individual.

Anything that is to be written on Social Media or spoken to the Public on behalf of the UIS is to be done so by our VP of Advertising & Public Relations – Kevin Tracey.

Thank you and I wish we had better news on this topic

Patricia Mulqueen