2023 Parade Queen Samara O'Gorman

Samara O’Gorman is an Irish-Canadian, Montreal-based actress and writer. Her family’s Irish roots are from counties Monaghan and Clare. Her debut poetry collection What If The Sun Died is a #1 best-selling book in the Mythological Storytelling category. In the city of Montreal, she is recognized as a community poet and has spoken and recited her poems at schools, ceremonies, and various other public occasions.

In June of 2022, Samara became a recognized ICUF (Irish Canadian University Foundation) scholar after being awarded the Irish Language Scholarship to study in the Gaeltacht of An Cheathrú Rua, where she researched the Irish language and learned how to speak it fluently. Samara is also a full-time student in The School of Irish Studies at Concordia University where her studies focus on Irish folklore, literature, and history.

Our local rising actress has been known to receive many accolades, including the Brian O’Neill Gallery Tuition Award twice by the School of Irish Studies due to her academic achievements. She also recently received the United Irish Societies of Montreal’s Scholarship to put towards her studies. Samara’s goal upon graduation in 2023 is to use everything she has learned so far to pursue an Individualized Program MA, with a focus on Irish folklore.

Samara currently lives in Montreal, Canada where she can be found writing poetry, acting on set for a film, indulging herself in anything Irish-culture-related, or in the midst of creating new works of art.