The St. Patrick’s Parade in Montreal is March 17, 2019

Under the direction of The United Irish Societies of Montreal, Inc.

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2019 Grand Marshal
Sean Finn


2019 Chief Reviewing Officer
Joey Elias

2016 Charity Ball

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In the souvenir program / yearbook we celebrate the events of the past year, culminating with the annual parade.

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2018 UIS parade program
2018 UIS parade program

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Simon McDonaugh Humanitarian Award


Robin Robert is a longtime community volunteer, beginning as a sixteen-year-old youth baseball coach within the Leo’s Boys organization. Born in 1954 to Opal Taylor and Leo Robert Jr and the third of seven children, he has been married to Debby Quinsey for 41 years. Together they have raised their two sons and their pride and joy, Jeffrey and Jamie.

St. Gabriel’s Church in Point St. Charles is very close to Robin’s heart. In the early 1990’s he was elected as a Church Warden, lasting for twelve years when moving out of the neighbourhood prevented him from continuing in this role. Always willing to work for St. Gabriel’s, Robin continues as its Treasurer. One week per month is spent working at the Church providing food from their food bank to people in need, where upwards of one hundred fifty families pick up food to help make it to the end of the month. Additionally, Robin volunteers his time toward St. Gabriel’s enormous Christmas Basket project, where more than three hundred families receive a very generous supply of food and toys. Before summer begins, he helps organize the Gary Clahane Golf Tournament for the Church. He started a youth group at St. Gabriel’s, where the kids played ball hockey in the Church Hall. Robin volunteered as a hockey coach in the Point, Verdun, Greenfield Park and Lasalle, also coaching baseball in the Point, St. Henri, and Verdun along the way

Robin helps build the Parish’s St. Patrick’s Parade float with a dozen other dedicated and talented volunteers, a project that takes roughly two months to complete and which helps the Parish win a Parade trophy most years.

Robin is a key member of the Erin Sports Association, filling the role of Treasurer and helping to raise money throughout the year to benefit youth sports associations, scholarships, St. Gabriel’s Church, other grassroots organizations in need of funding, and disadvantaged families at Christmas time.

Robin is known to say “Volunteering is not work when you have great people helping you.” He has surrounded himself with great people as he gives back to his community. The United Irish Societies of Montreal is pleased to present Robin Robert with the 2019 Simon McDonaugh Humanitarian Award.

About Simon McDonaugh

The United Irish Societies lost a dear and valued member in 1992, when Simon McDonaugh passed away. An award was established in 1993 for the community to remember Mr. McDonaugh’s dedication to his heritage and to the humanitarian acts performed during his life. Mr. McDonaugh’s association with the United Irish Societies and the St. Patrick’s Day Parade were longstanding: from 1940 to 1979 he served the organization and the annual parade as its Chief Deputy Marshal. During those years, he was an inspiration to the marshals and society members due to the successful execution of the parades. For many years, he and his colleagues were responsible for building the reviewing stands for dignitaries to review the parades. In later years, Mr. McDonaugh was presented with a Gold Card Membership in recognition of a lifetime of loyal and faithful service to the United Irish Societies and to the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The memory of Mr. McDonaugh’s humanitarian lifestyle lives on through this award.

Liam Daly Heritage Award


Carol began her involvement in the Irish community at 5 years old singing at St. Patrick’s concerts in various parishes, such as St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Gabriel, St. Kevin. She also played the lead in the Irish play: Peg ‘O My Heart at St. Patrick’s Basilica.

Sang many times on the Liam Daly’s Irish Weekly and was the co-host with Kevin Sullivan on the first broadcast of the Montreal St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Montreal on Cable – TV

Twice entered the Queen’s Pageant in Montreal. Performed as well, at this event on separate occasions.

Produced an Irish CD: “My Celtic Spirit” which sold over 1500 copies. The sales were used to help parishes and charitable organizations. She was invited to sing at St. Patrick’s Basilica, Ottawa to perform a 1 woman show and to stay and be the soloist at their St. Patrick’s Day Green Mass

Though not Irish related but a great experience that she cherishes and honoured to have song several times the Canadian and American National Anthems at none other but the Montreal Forum and the Bell Center for the NHL Canadians Hockey Games. She smiles when she tells that at all those occasions the Canadians won!

In 2009 she chaired the St. Patrick’s Society Christmas concert. For the following 3 years, she continued to chair the concert as well as being a Director on the Board of the St. Patrick’s Society of Montreal.  During those three years, she also chaired the first Saint Patrick’s Society Fall Family Fashion Show and the pilot project of Flowers from SPS. In 2013, she remained with St. Patrick’s Society in the new position of Secretary on the Executive Board. In 2011, she chaired the Saint Patrick’s Society Luncheon and continues to do.

In 2016 she joined the Ireland-Canada Chamber of Commerce, Montreal Chapter as a Director on the Board. In 2017 she became Vice President of the ICCC. She also joined the UIS in 2016 and enjoyed working for the first time with the UIS Christmas baskets’ committee.

January of this year, Carol was inducted for a 2-year term as President-Elect for the Montreal Catholic Women’s League and will then serve for another 2-year term as President.

On March 17, 2018, she received the Msgr. Russell Breen Merit Award for the years of dedication to singing at the St. Patrick’s Basilica as Lead Soloist and Cantor and other volunteer contributions she made through the years within the Basilica community.

Carol is married to Brian Payne, President of RAM Canada Inc.  She has two children. Kimberly, a graduate of both Concordia and McGill universities is presently in charge of Human Resources for a South Shore CHSLD.  Robert, a graduate of Loyola High School and the University of Ottawa, has for the last two years, been a coach for the Edmonton Eskimos of the CFL.

About Liam Daly

A native son of Dublin, Ireland, Liam Daly, was proud of his Irish heritage. From the first day he arrived, through his talent, love and devotion, Liam volunteered his time to the continual presence of the Arts and the Irish Cultural in the City of Montreal Liam is missed by the Irish Community. As a tribute to him, the United Irish Societies of Montreal has created the Liam Daly Heritage Award which will be awarded to a worthy candidate who exemplifies Liam’s love of his heritage and promotes the Irish heritage through the arts.