Princess Lauren Tracey

Lauren is 22 years old and has traced her family back to 1841 in Dunmore, County Galway. The first of her family to come to Canada was her great-great-grandfather, Dennis Tracey, in the 1800s. His family settled in what was St Patrick’s Parish and he operated a stall in what is now Atwater Market. Dennis was a benevolent man who let recently arrived immigrants take shelter in his stall’s hay lofts. His sons later owned and operated Tracey Bros, a ship chandelier and general store at 66 McGill street.

Lauren is in her first year of graduate studies at McGill University and is writing her thesis to obtain her Master of Science degree in Exercise Physiology. She leads a clinical study involving patients with COPD at the Montreal Chest Institute. She is also a teaching assistant at McGill. Lauren is currently employed at a pharmacy as a lab technician, a position she has held since the age of 16.

She enjoys traveling, music, and volunteering at local charity events.