Princess Meagan Coleman

Following her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Art History at Concordia University, Meagan Coleman is a 22-year-old, part-time, graduate student in International Business at McGill University.

Her Irish heritage stems from her father’s side hailing from the west coast of Ireland in County Mayo.

She is currently employed full-time in the Logistics department at P.J. Impex, an international food trading company, coordinating exports and imports all around the world.

Some of Meagan’s hobbies include reading, painting and yoga. She is most passionate about travel and has done so in Canada, United States, Australia, South America and various European countries. In 2014, she volunteered in Quito, Ecuador for UBECI, a non-profit organization focusing on assisting low-income children who work on the street and in outdoor markets. Their programs promote healthy development, educational skills, social interaction, gender equality, hygiene, self-esteem.

Throughout school, Meagan volunteered at the Douglas Hospital in the Moe Levin dementia center and participated in raising money for multiple events like Girls for the Cure (raising money for the St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation).