Princess Olivia Dawe

Born in Montreal, Olivia is Australian on her father’s side and Irish on her mother’s side. Her grandmother, Elizabeth Murphy, was from Dublin, and her grandfather, Patrick McCarthy, hailed from Clonakilty, Cork. Olivia loves returning to Ireland to see the beautiful beaches of Wexford and visit her many cousins.

Olivia is a safety specialist for 3M Canada, and regularly consults with health and safety representatives across Quebec to ensure that workers have the best personal protective equipment at their disposal. During the Covid19 pandemic, Olivia spent time discussing respiratory protection solutions to workers throughout the province so that they could continue to perform their duties without risking virus transmission to their community. Olivia is a graduate in History from McGill University.

Olivia is a passionate rugby player, having played for Dawson College, McGill University and the Westmount rugby team as a fullback. No matter where her travels may take her, she knows that she always has a home with the local rugby team. Olivia also enjoys maintaining her passion for history by reading and assiduously visiting all of Montreal’s last museum exhibitions. Finally, she enjoys collecting paintings and sculptures made locally and abroad.

In her spare time, Olivia coaches the girls rugby teams of the Ecole Secondaire Monseigneur Richard in Verdun. She draws great fulfillment from offering young women the opportunity to practice the world’s best sport, learn new skills, and have fun.

Olivia is a keen and experienced traveler, believing it to be one of the best ways to widen one’s worldview. She has most recently visited Egypt, Australia and France.