The St. Patrick’s Parade in Montreal has been Cancelled for 2021 due to the COVID Pandemic and Public safety concerns

Under the direction of The United Irish Societies of Montreal, Inc.


2020/2021 Grand Marshal Shawn O'Donnell


2020/2021 Chief Reviewing Officer Steve Garnett


2020/2021 QUEEN & COURT

Each year since 1956 the United Irish Societies of Montreal has organized a contest to select a queen and princesses for the annual parade. The event was originally called the Queen’s Pageant and held at the Sailor’s Club in Old Montreal. Today, the Selection Evening is a public speaking contest held downtown.

2020 Queen’s Selection Evening

Orla Mahon
2020/2021 QUEEN

Julia Barnwell

2020/2021 PRINCESS

Aveen Mahon

2020/2021 PRINCESS

Rebecca McAuley

2020/2021 PRINCESS

Meg Sweeney

2020/2021 PRINCESS

The United Irish Societies of Montreal, with the help of advertisements, publishes a yearly souvenir program / yearbook distributed at the annual Awards Banquet.

In the souvenir program / yearbook we celebrate the events of the past year, culminating with the annual parade.

Below is a downloadable copy of the program / yearbook in PDF format. Please be sure to read through it and, where possible, be sure to do business with our advertisers. Please be sure to mention where you saw their advertisement.

If you would like a hard copy for your personal use, for customers to browse at your place of business, or are interested in supporting our organization with an advertisement, please contact Ann Mary Butts.

2018 UIS parade program
2018 UIS parade program

Simon McDonaugh Humanitarian Award


Organizing Committee of the St. Anne’s Veteran’s Hospital New Year’s Eve Show

Built in 1917, Ste. Anne’s Hospital was one of nine hospitals established in Canada by the Military Hospitals Commission under the Borden government, to respond to an unprecedented influx of the sick and wounded generated by the First World War.

On April 1, 2016, this last hospital administered by Veterans Affairs Canada was transferred to the Quebec government.

For more than 70 years now, a New Year’s Eve show has been organized by veterans and members of the community for those housed at the veterans’ hospital in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue. One of the key organizers for over 65 of these shows was the late Joe Mell.

The event’s volunteers come from all corners of the community. In fact the UIS Entertainment Committee at one time volunteered its time for this most worthy show. Members and former members alike continue the committee’s great work

For the committee’s quiet dedication to this great cause and for the joy the event brings to the Hospital’s resident Veterans, whose average age exceeds 93, the United Irish Societies of Montreal is humbled to present the 2020 Simon McDonaugh Humanitarian Award to the organizing committee of the Ste Anne’s Hospital New Year’s Eve Show.

About Simon McDonaugh

The United Irish Societies lost a dear and valued member in 1992, when Simon McDonaugh passed away. An award was established in 1993 for the community to remember Mr. McDonaugh’s dedication to his heritage and to the humanitarian acts performed during his life. Mr. McDonaugh’s association with the United Irish Societies and the St. Patrick’s Day Parade were longstanding: from 1940 to 1979 he served the organization and the annual parade as its Chief Deputy Marshal. During those years, he was an inspiration to the marshals and society members due to the successful execution of the parades. For many years, he and his colleagues were responsible for building the reviewing stands for dignitaries to review the parades. In later years, Mr. McDonaugh was presented with a Gold Card Membership in recognition of a lifetime of loyal and faithful service to the United Irish Societies and to the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The memory of Mr. McDonaugh’s humanitarian lifestyle lives on through this award.

Liam Daly Heritage Award



Solstice is one of Canada’s most exciting and prolific Celtic folk bands. Based in Montreal, Solstice have been delighting audiences across North America and Europe for over a decade with their explosive live performances showcasing their unique brand of Celtic folk that incorporates elements of Bluegrass and Canadian Maritime music. The band is comprised of Patrick Lesyk on acoustic guitar and lead vocals, Kate Bevan-Baker on fiddle, and Dave Gossage on flutes and whistles. Patrick is well-known for his dynamic and percussive guitar accompaniments, but it’s his warm and soulful voice that is most-recognized as being both powerful and sensitive. Kate’s fiddle is electrifying, yet also moving and emotive. Dave never fails to wow audiences with his wizardry on the flute and whistles. The success of the band is largely due to their impressive performance dexterity and musical sensibility which allow them to appeal to a wide range of audiences, making them a mainstay in the Canadian music scene.

For their contributions and dedication to Montreal’s Irish community, the United Irish Societies of Montreal is pleased to present Solstice as the recipient of the 2020 Liam Daly Heritage Award.

About Liam Daly

A native son of Dublin, Ireland, Liam Daly, was proud of his Irish heritage. From the first day he arrived, through his talent, love and devotion, Liam volunteered his time to the continual presence of the Arts and the Irish Cultural in the City of Montreal Liam is missed by the Irish Community. As a tribute to him, the United Irish Societies of Montreal has created the Liam Daly Heritage Award which will be awarded to a worthy candidate who exemplifies Liam’s love of his heritage and promotes the Irish heritage through the arts.